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Sanzo-ikkou, Outside the Konran Tower [Oct. 4th, 2004|12:29 am]
Omnipotent: A Saiyuki Role Playing Community


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Hakkai brought the pseudo-jeep to a grinding halt over the rubble that littered the bottom of the gorge, and Sanzo stared through the desolate, dead hills at the tower that rose up between them.

Architecture like this was rare in the east; despite the attachment most people had to the old ways, the east was modern, in a sense, and old buildings like these would have been torn down and replaced with smaller, cleaner-cut apartments or businesses in an instant. With the sharply upturned eaves at every level, each feng shui master in the city of Chang’An would have thrown up a fuss about ‘poison arrows’ and demanded it demolished at once.

In truth, it had probably been built with that in mind – this was certainly no friendly place, not now and not when it was built. It climbed up from the crumbled mountains like some kind of half-dead skeleton of a plant, all dark wood and sharp spines that warded off any unwanted visitors. In fact, it had a very prominent kind of phallic imagery to it that most structures of its age and style had – and the priest could already hear the comments Gojyo would likely make.

In short, it was pretty damn ugly.

Overall, though, Sanzo didn’t really give a fuck what the tower looked like. It could have been a hovel or a cave to the bowels of the earth for all he cared; all that mattered to him was the artifact stolen from him that was waiting within. The Maten sutra was his responsibility, damnit, whether he had faith in the gods that made it or not, and like hell was he going to just let it be taken from him like that.

The priest scowled at the building that cast its shadow over the rocky landscape, crossing his arms over his chest. Even in the shadows of the mountains it was hot, and he was glad he had chosen to peel back the upper half of his robes. He had only the vaguest ideas of why Homura would have bothered toying with them as long as he did before finally taking the scripture – there was no doubt that Goku’s skills had improved greatly since the god had first made his appearance, and for some reason Homura thought he could make use of that strength. Sanzo still didn’t understand why, or how, but it pissed him off something awful. To be lead around by the nose and played with.

His chest ached in the memory of how easily Homura had taken the sutra once he decided to quit playing around, but he shoved the pain aside and ignored it. Hakkai had done an excellent job in healing – as always – but the pain and fatigue stayed all the same. Healed or not, the wound throbbed in time with his heartbeat, made all the muscles in his torso stiff when they should have been limber. That was the way all chi-healed wounds seemed to be, or at least they were for him. The wound might be gone, but the body remembered.

Sanzo bit the inside of his lip and considered the sharp contours of the Konran Tower. They had been woefully under-prepared to deal with Homura and his flunkies previously; the likelihood that they would do any better now was... well, the odds were not in their favor. If they could find a way to separate the gods and gang up on them individually, then there was a higher probable level of success. Four to one against a god was better odds in his book, even if he did know this whole mess was nothing more than a trap.

And they were going to walk right into it. Like a bunch of idiots.

He needed to get his hands on the Maten sutra again, and quickly. It might not have much effect on the other two gods (since it hadn’t done a thing to Homura), but it would probably do him better than the shoreijyuu...

[User Picture]From: iapetusneume
2004-10-04 05:55 am (UTC)
Gojyo leaned forward in his seat and stared out at their destination. It was ominously silent where Hakuryu had been stopped, minus the occasional gust of wind. Silence was not common for their group, and he was surprised that the monkey had yet to make some comment.

The tension was so thick he doubt that even Hakkai would be able to shatter it. For once, they all seemed to be a nervous. Afraid would be too strong of a term. None would ever admit it. Well, he wouldn’t, anyways. Ok then, maybe he would to Hakkai, but sure as hell not to the monk or the monkey. He’d always tried to look at things from a laid-back point of view, and there were very few things that got under his skin.

…getting his ass kicked by three gods who had delusions of grandeur had not previously been one of them. Things change, though, and he was more than willing to add something to his list if it came up.

He knew that this fight wasn’t going to be like the rest of the ones they had faced so far on the journey. Demons-by-the-dozen didn’t account to much once they had faced off with Kougaiji, and that had been early on. The only real challenge they ever had before Homura had come along was Seiten Taisei.

Gojyo took a quick side glance at Goku. He was more worried about him than even Homura. The monk never seemed to come out of these fights without some sort of life-threatening injury, and if the war god was true to his word…

Shit… He just didn’t want to become Gojyo-jerky for a homicidal heretic who saw his arm as a chew toy.

Choosing to not think of such things, he decided to take a look at the (rather large) tower they were about to invade. Well, he wasn’t sure if three demons, a human and a dragon that turned into a jeep counted as an invasion, but he liked the sounds of that better than just merely “walking in.”

But still… he had to admit, this building was a little amusing. Even if he grew up in a demon household, he didn’t understand their architecture.

“Jeez, the guy who built this must have been compensating for something…”
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[User Picture]From: ainbthen
2004-10-04 05:18 pm (UTC)
Goku started as Gojyo's voice broke the stillness that had settled over them, though the words rolled over his head. He couldn't take his eyes off the tower in front of him. Homura was in there, somewhere, waiting for him. A chill crept up his spine at the thought. He was not afraid -- fear was not something he was used to, except where Sanzo getting hurt was concerned -- but he was willing to admit that he was uneasy. Even though during their last battle he had managed to score a hit on Homura, the god had still taken him down with ease. He had gotten stronger, he knew he had, but it hadn’t been enough. Had Homura wanted to kill them all, he could have. It was not his own life he was worried about, but he had to be strong enough to protect Sanzo.

And now here they were, getting ready to ride into… well, the gods only knew what. Goku had a bad feeling about all this. He was eager to engage Homura again, to pay him back for the blows he had taken, but still… Sanzo was barely healed from their last encounter with the gods. Goku couldn’t help but worry for him, though he doubted it would be appreciated.

Now that the silence had been broken, he found himself fidgeting in his seat. Despite his worries, he knew that Sanzo would never turn back, not with the scripture still in Homura’s hands. So now he just wanted to go, and he concentrated on the thought of beating Homura into the ground to keep his mind off his worries.

“Well, what are we waiting for?”
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