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Kougaiji-tachi: approaching Konran Tower [Oct. 5th, 2004|12:51 am]
Omnipotent: A Saiyuki Role Playing Community


The wind blew in his face as the flying dragon banked into a turn around their destination, and Kougaiji glared down at the gods' stronghold. From this height, the tower looked like an overgrown thorn-covered weed, the kind that would take over a garden and render the ground useless for any other plants. It would shred the hands of any gardener who tried to pull it, but had to be removed nonetheless.

Signaling to the other dragon's riders to land, he urged his mount to circle down toward a cliff overlooking the tower's canyon. Small strong arms tightened around his waist as Lirin braced herself against the motion.

She shouldn't be here...

But then, none of them should be - his sister or Dokugakuji or Yaone - on this last-ditch attempt to retrieve the Seiten sutra from Homura. He wouldn't be here, if such a suicide mission if it didn't hold the only slim hope of getting his mother back from the curse that bound her.

The flying dragon backwinged to a neat landing, its companion only a few wingbeats behind. Kougaiji looked back over his shoulder at the girl, and made one last attempt. "I still think you and Yaone should wait for us outside..."

[User Picture]From: illianaka
2004-10-05 05:36 am (UTC)
Finally, a time to escape her home, cold with the constant hum of machinery in the background no matter where she went. Lirin found it difficult to sit still, though she honestly tried her best. The last thing she wanted was to go flying off the dragon before they had even landed.

Her brother suddenly signaled for the riders to land their dragons. Lirin clung tighter to him, her heart racing with excitement.

She knew this was an important mission in which Kougaiji's mother's life could very well depend on the success or failure of it. She was aware of the high stakes. She had fought one of the gods before, and thus was also aware of their great power—and that their chances at actually winning this battle were very narrow.

Still, the idea of fighting them was so exciting. Lirin couldn't help but squirm in anticipation.

She felt the movement of the muscles in Kougaiji's back as her brother shifted to glance back at her. When he spoke, she could tell more by his tone than his words that he was going to make another attempt at convincing her to stay outside. Lirin wrinkled her nose in protest.

"No way," she said as firmly as she could, even though it came out closer to a whine. She tightened her hold on him, as though that would help convince him to let her tag along. "Lirin is stronger than Oniichan anyway!" she bragged, quite pleased with this slight advantage she had over her adored older brother.

And it was because she adored him so much that she would do anything she could to help him get his mother back. Lirin knew what it was like to be without a mother—since her mother didn't like her very much, she felt she was without one. She wanted Kougaiji's mother to like her. Maybe if she helped Kougaiji, Rasetsunyo would be happier to call Lirin her daughter.

Lirin's heart was racing, but now for an entirely different reason.
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[User Picture]From: iapetusneume
2004-10-06 05:44 am (UTC)
Yaone stroked the side of her mount reassuringly. The beast, while obediently staying in its place where they had dismounted, had become agitated. It was said that animals could occasionally sense impending danger, and looking out at their destination, she could see why the dragon’s reaction would be as such. To be completely honest herself, she wanted nothing more than to put as much space between that tower and herself as possible.

"I still think you and Yaone should wait for us outside..."

She pressed her hand a little bit more firmly into the side of the dragon’s neck to help hide her nerves. She wasn’t going to back down, not when her lord was about to go risk his life for something that meant the world to him.

Yaone was about to respond when Lirin had protested to her elder brother’s request. The response made the apothecary smile. She wasn’t completely sure she had seen it, but for a brief moment Yaone thought she saw her lord faintly smile as well.

Maybe it was just her imagination.

She turned her attention from the dragon to where the prince stood. “My lord, I wish to accompany you and help obtain the Seiten scripture again.”

In her mind she said something else.

“I’ll never leave you, Kougaiji-sama.”
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