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Prelude [Oct. 3rd, 2004|09:59 pm]
Omnipotent: A Saiyuki Role Playing Community


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Ok, this is the first "official" post of the RP. As in, it's the prelude, which it sounded like everyone wanted to be in the first post anyways.

It was said that Heaven created the Earth, but some believed that the Earth was created for Heaven. Lying beneath the sky, it was to provide a stark contrast to what all living beings considered “paradise.”

The Earth was imperfect. If anything, it was imperfect for its mortality. No one knew exactly when Heaven was created, but a few of the gods knew when the Earth had been born. Heaven was timeless, the Earth had a beginning and would have an end.

But the perfection of Heaven was marred. Not all who resided there could claim to be blameless. Born without sin, they accumulated it themselves as they lived their eternal lives. Corruption began to grow in the divine government that was supposed to know no bias.

Residents of Heaven who hated the debacle looked down to the Earth, and saw the perfection in imperfection. Instead of praying to God, they prayed to the Earth, hoping that it would remain as it was and be the light that they had lost in the celestial heights.

And one day, the Earth heard those wishes and prayers, from both its own children and those who watched over from above. The Earth gathered itself together to create a physical manifestation of itself. Hatched from a rock on a mountain, the Earth now had a body – and a voice.

Heaven, not wanting to be far from the Earth, took the child into their folds, claiming he was an imperfection that could Not Be Allowed. Yet, they kept him alive. They could not kill him. They were fascinated by him, and yet they shunned him.

In the end, when they had tried to kill the Earth’s child, they had paid the price.

The Earth was not happy with Heaven. If Heaven continued to treat others and their child in the same manner, then the Earth would take matters into its own hands.

Then one day the Earth saw its solution. Another being, so much like the Child, did not like Heaven. He had found the tools used to create the world, and was trying to make a new one. He needed the Earth’s power to do so, and so borrowed the Child to open the door to Creation.

It shown like a surreal light, and the Earth realized that it had found its solution.

Heaven would pay for what it did to its Child. The Earth would remake the world in its own image, where imperfection was the perfection. It would get its revenge. And in the end, the Child would become the new world’s King.

And... I'm not sure if everyone heard about this part, but some of us thought that it would be a good idea to just RP the "final" battle from the beginning (as in, when the Sanzo-ikkou and Kougaiji-tachi storm the Konran Tower), since the fight was going to go AU anyways.

So...! The first "character" post will be later tonight. I look forward to getting started. ^^