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A Whole New World

Where yaoi is no longer just fanon

Omnipotent: A Saiyuki Role Playing Community
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A role playing game community for the anime series Gensomaden Saiyuki. General plot synopsis to be posted soon, but current cast is as follows:

iamzuul: Sanzo, Shien
ainbthen: Goku, Zenon
iapetusneume: Gojyo, Yaone
sheraton: Hakkai, Dokugakuji
ouri: Kougaiji, Hakuryu
illianaka: Homura, Lirin

This is a closed community. If you would like to, you are welcomed to watch our insanity us RP. ^^

To help understand the overview of our storyline, please read the Prelude. To follow the story itself, post according to group will be sorted in the memories. That way, the storyline can be read with more coherency.